3 Areas Where Roof Leaks Often Start

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Your roof is your home's first line of defense against various weather elements, including wind, rain, hail, and snow. However, these elements can be a bit tricky and will find the weakest areas of the roof to exploit. Keep reading to learn which parts of the roof tend to develop leaks more frequently so that you can watch for them and take necessary precautionary measures.

Near Damaged Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles tend to be a common cause of roof leaks. This issue tends to occur when the roof has gone through a lot of heavy storms or is reaching the end of its life span. However, the shingles may also incur damage in subtler ways. For instance, the ends of the shingles may start curling, crumbling, or cracking. As the spring weather arrives, schedule an appointment for a roofing professional to come out to your home and conduct an inspection of the roof to determine what type of damage the winter has done to the shingles.

Around Chimneys

Flashing is a piece of metal that serves as a barrier and seals the joints between the chimney and the roof. In the event that this material is not installed correctly, water can seep through the tiniest of cracks. Over time, loose or worn flashing can also break off and needs to be replaced to prevent a roof leak.

At Valleys

The valley of the roof is the metal channel (V-shaped) that runs up and down the fold of the two sloping sides of the roof. Due to the shape of the valley, water tends to linger in this area. Because of this, the valley must be sealed extremely well to prevent water from seeping inside and potentially causing significant structural issues or the growth of mold. In addition, there are systems, such as the gutter system, in place to help channel water to other areas; however, if these systems are not kept clean and operational at all times, problems can arise and leaks can occur.

Roof leaks can happen anywhere on the roof, but near damaged shingles, around the chimneys, and at the valleys are among the most common areas that you will find leaks occurring. If you identify a leak in one of these areas or any other area on your roof, it is imperative to get in touch with a residential roofing company in your area, such as Golden Spike Roofing, as soon as possible to get the problem repaired before it worsens.

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