Planning Ahead For A New Roof? Metal Roofing Versus Shingles

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When the time comes to begin planning for a new roof, homeowners should consider using the occasion to explore different types of roofing materials. Two types of roofing materials that homeowners may find interesting to compare are metal roofing and either asphalt or composite shingles, both of which have specific differences that may be beneficial. 


Replacing the roofing material on the average home is a recurring maintenance need that can be quite costly. Because of this, the expected lifespan is an important factor that most homeowners will want to take into consideration.

According to industry information, metal roofing is the clear winner over shingles in length of life, with an expected lifespan of 40 to 70 years. Improvements have also been made in the materials and manufacturing processes used to make shingles, with some better quality shingles now given an expected lifespan of a quarter-century or more. 

Environmental benefits

While efforts to recycle both asphalt and composite shingles are growing, these roofing materials are still sent to landfills far too often. Because they do not break down easily, shingles that make their way into landfills take up large amounts of space that could be better used for other, more degradable materials.

In contrast, metal roofing's ability to be easily melted down and recycled into new roofing and other metal items means that it rarely gets sent to landfills.  


One area in which shingles come out ahead of metal roofing is in upfront costs, including material and installation. For example, one popular home construction site estimates the costs involved in metal roofing for a 10 by 10 area at anywhere from $120 to $900, with asphalt shingles for the same area being significantly less expensive at just $100 to $200. 

It is important to note that there are many quality and style differences in both metal roofing products and shingles that can raise or lower the actual cost of purchase and installation.

Fire resistance

Homeowners seeking a roofing material that offers resistance to fire can feel comfortable with either metal roofing or a good quality asphalt shingle, both of which typically have very high fire safety ratings. In addition to improving the safety of the home, installing a fire-resistant roofing material can often result in lower home insurance premiums

To get more specific information about both types of roofing materials and how each can be expected to perform in your particular climate, take time to discuss your needs, project budget, and timeline with a reputable roofing contractor from a company like A-1 Roofing Inc.

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