Tips To Successfully Repair And Re-Shingle Your Home Roof For Summer

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When you consider the amount of wear and tear from snow, ice, wind, and sunshine that bombards your home's roof on an annual basis, it can bring to light how important it is for you to keep an eye on its condition. So when you notice signs on your roof of peeling, cracking, and missing shingles, take action to hire a professional repair service. And when it is time to complete this project, here are some recommendations to help you successfully manage your roof repair and reshingling this season.

Consider Energy Efficient Roofing and Shingles

The condition of your shingles is important as to protect your home from moisture, but equally important can be the type of shingles you install. Shingles that are dark in color can absorb the sun's radiation and warm your home. And if you live in a southern climate that has extreme heat in the summer, you may not want to type of shingle on your home. 

So when it is time to replace your home's shingles, consider a more energy efficient shingle to reflect the sun's radiation off your home. Your professional roofer can recommend a shingle that contains reflective particles over a light shingle surface to reflect the heat from your roof. This type of shingle can reduce the heat your home absorbs during the day to keep your home interior more comfortable and your air conditioner working less.

Remember Proper Cleanup

An important part of your roof replacement is the cleanup after all the work is finished. If your roofing professionals have stripped off your old shingles and the roofing tarp, these materials along with the fastener nails or staples can create quite a bit of debris waste. 

Make sure your roofers plan to complete a cleanup during and after the project. They should have a dumpster on site to collect and catch the debris and also a ground cover protection for your landscaping plants below your home. Your roofing professional may sweep the debris off your roof and into the dumpster or need to carry it and toss it into the dumpster to prevent it from damaging your landscaping. As part of the cleanup a magnet sweeper can pick up stray nails and staples in your yard's lawn and soil. If the weather is windy during the project, this can send debris from the work site onto neighboring yards, which should be kept cleaned during and a final cleanup after the roofing is completed.

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