Does Your Building's Metal Roof Need Repairs?

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When dealing with metal roofing, everything is a bit different than what happens with other types of materials. That applies to figuring out whether repairs need to be performed, too. Here are four indications you may want to contact a metal roof repair company.

Discoloration or Fading

In regions with high salt content in the air, discoloration or fading of a metal roof may be a sign of trouble. While the materials that companies use are designed to be highly resistant to corrosion, there's a difference between being resistant and impervious. In particular, look for patchy patterns of discoloration that have white outlines. This is often a sign that corrosion is occurring.

Fading is a less likely sign of problems, but it's still worth being curious about. Notably, metal roofs without paint won't fade so that's not a useful indicator for those property owners to use. Generally, though, any sign that the appearance of the roof is changing is a possible indicator that its resistance may be failing.


First, any rust on the roof that's visible from the ground should be presumed to be very bad news. Aside from that, rust may occur in smaller patches that require direct inspection of the roof.

In particular, it's common for rust on metal roofs to appear where nails have been driven through the roof. Rust can also appear on the seams where sections were crimped together in systems that use few or no nails. Similarly, rust can appear in locations where the roof cement has failed and is allowing water to get in under the roof.

You should have an eye out for any rust that finds its way off the building. For example, rust from the roof may lead to staining inside gutters, and this worth checking for. It may also stain surfaces on the ground, discoloring concrete and tiles.


A properly secured metal roof should be fairly quiet. If you're starting to hear noise from the roof, especially when there hasn't been a lot of wind, it's likely that a metal roof repair project is in your future.

Unknown Maintenance History

If you don't know the full history of a roof, it's a good idea to have a repair pro check it out. For example, you should probably have someone who specifically knows metal roofs look at a building before you decide to purchase it. Metal roofs can deliver decades of service, but that's only the case if you deal with maintenance issues right away.

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