3 Problems That Should Be Handled By A Residential Roofer

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If you own a home, you will experiences problems with your roof. For the more complex issues, you should hire a roofer that deals with residential repairs on a regular basis. This professional can help you address the following issues before they cause severe problems in the future. 


Leaks are some of the worst problems you can face with a roof. Not only is it hard to identify the source, but significant water damage can result if you don't respond right away. In this case, you're better off hiring a residential roofer.

They will examine your roof inside and out, seeing where water marks are to identify where the leak is occurring. They can then pull back structures and see why the leak is occurring. Then, they'll come up with a sustainable patch that prevents more water from getting in your home. You can then rest easy moving forward, even during heavy rains.

Flashing Damage

The flashing is one of the more important components on your roof because it helps prevent water from getting underneath structures. Any time these components get damaged, you need to hire a residential roofer right away. Otherwise, your roof will be more susceptible to damage.

The contractor that comes out will first assess the flashing damage. They can replace sections that are coming up or have missing sections. The new flashing that is installed will be worked into the existing flashing for a seamless repair. Thanks to these services, you can prevent costly water damage.

Missing Shingles

If your roof is covered in shingles, then they'll come off from time to time. When there are a lot of shingles missing, you should talk to a residential roofer. They can help you fix this extensive damage in no time.

They will assess the current shingles on your roof and find an exact match. This way, the new shingles installed don't stick out like a sore thumb. A residential roofer can secure these new shingles quickly thanks to their specialty tools, such as heavy-duty nail guns. When they're finished, your roof will look great again and will be structurally sound.

Roofing issues pop up from time to time, but when they involve complex repair techniques, you need to find a professional roofer. They can help you address a number of issues, from damaged shingles to curled flashing. With their help, you'll get your roof back in great shape.

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