4 Signs Of Commercial Roof Problems

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If you're a commercial building owner, then, of course, you want to stay on top of building maintenance. Doing so helps you maintain a safe environment while also saving money on costly repairs down the road. One of the biggest potential expenses on any commercial building is its roof; the good news is that most commercial roofs are designed to last for up to 40 years. This means that with the right maintenance and preventative repairs, you won't need to spend the average commercial-roof-replacement cost of $42,500 on your property.

A big part of maintaining your roof is being on the lookout for these common signs of problems — and addressing them as they arise. 

Pooling Water

Even a flat commercial roof should be designed with proper drainage so that you never have standing or pooling water on its surface. If you're noticing any standing water on your building's roof after rainfall, then there are a few things that could be happening. Often times, a blocked drain is the cause and can be easily cleared by a professional. In some cases, however, the actual pitch design of the roof was incorrect prior to installation — and a total replacement is the only solution.

Shrinkage Issues

Any type of commercial roofing material is prone to expansion and contraction, especially as temperatures fluctuate throughout the year. Shrinkage only becomes a real problem when the contraction is substantial enough to cause roofing joints to break or crack. When this occurs, you'll end up with roofing leaks, usually around drip edges and areas of flashing.

Tears and Punctures

Some roofing materials are more durable than others; if you have a lot of foot traffic on a less durable roof type (such as a single-ply metal roof), then you're more likely to run into problems like tears and punctures. It is important to repair this type of damage promptly and to do whatever you can to limit foot traffic on your commercial roof.

Buckling or Lifting

High winds can cause commercial roofs to lift or buckle, which can pose major safety risks as well. If you've noticed any lifting of your building's roof, especially after a wind storm, it is important to have a commercial roofing company come out to assess and repair the damage as soon as possible.

While many of these commercial roofing issues can be addressed with repairs, some may be severe enough that you'll need a commercial roof replacement. Regardless, working with a reputable and honest roofing contractor can make all the difference moving forward.

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