What To Expect When Replacing The Roof On An Old Home

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When a home is on the older side, every type of work you have done on that home is a little different. When siding it, for example, you may discover there's not enough insulation behind the walls and decide to add more. When re-painting the trim, you may discover there's already six coats of paint on it and decide to strip it entirely. So what challenges and situations might you run into when having the home re-roofed? Take a look

Multiple Roofs to Remove

A few decades ago, it was common to just put a new layer of shingles over the old one rather than first removing the old roof. (Some roofing companies still do this today, but it has become much less common because it makes things harder the next time around.) If your home has multiple roofs on it, then there will be even more shingles to tear off and dispose of. You may be charged a higher disposal fee because of this, and you can expect it to take your roofing company a bit longer than average. Most roofing companies will let you know about this extra fee and extra time when they come out to give you an estimate.

Damaged Trusses and Underlayment

When you have the roof on a 20-, 40-, or 60-year-old home replaced, you typically only have the shingles replaced because the rest of the roof is in good shape, having been protected by the shingles all along. However, the trusses or supports that hold up a roof can become damaged over time. So can the flat wood underlayment that is under the shingles. The older the home, the more likely it is that your roofer will run into these issues. It's not a huge deal; they can just replace any damaged parts. But again, this will add to the cost and scope of the project.

Lack of Vents

Roofers and homeowners alike have become more aware of the importance of ventilation over the years. A well-vented roof stays cooler in the winter, so snow does not melt and re-freeze into ice dams. Many older homes don't have enough roofing vents because builders simply did not understand their importance back then. Your roofing contractor may, therefore, recommend adding a few more vents to your roof. This is not a huge project and should only add a few hundred dollars to your bill. You'll save money on energy in the long run with more vents.

As you have a new roof installed on your old home, you're likely to encounter some of the issues above. This is normal considering your home's age, so don't worry. Contact a roof replacement company to learn more.

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