The Top Services Roofing Contractors Offer Homeowners

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What services do roofing contractors offer? If you're not sure which type of professional to call for your next home improvement project, take a look at the top services roofers provide residential customers.

1. Roof Installations

Do you need a new roof? An older, worn, or seriously damaged roof may require a full replacement. Asphalt shingles can last for up to 20 years, clay and concrete has a 100-plus year lifespan, and slate's life expectancy can range from 60 to 150 years. If your roof is at the upper level of its expected lifespan, the contractor can inspect the area and recommend a repair or replacement. A replacement may include a new surface layer or a complete redo. A complete renovation may require the contractor to remove the wooden decking under the top layer and replace other areas, such as flashing.

2. Roof Repairs

Even though a roof replacement can correct serious issues and stop leaks, this service isn't always necessary. Some homes may only require repairs. The decision to replace or repair a roof depends on several factors. These include the type of issue or damage, the roof's age, and the type of material it's made from.

Are your roof's shingles curled, broken, or missing? While roof repairs may sometimes seem simple, these aren't do-it-yourself jobs. Before you crawl onto the roof in a risky move, contact a contractor. A roofing professional has the expertise and equipment necessary to accurately diagnose the roof's problem and make the necessary repairs.

Along with wear and tear-related repairs, the roofer can also fix most types of storm damage. While serious damage may require a full replacement, the contractor can repair issues that range from hailstone dimples to wind-blown shingles.

3. Roof Sealants

What is a roof sealant and why does your home need this type of service? A roof sealant adds an extra layer of protection. This reduces the effects of the sun and elements. While this service isn't always necessary, it can help to extend the life expectancy of your roof—especially if you have a flat roof that easily collects water and debris.

4. Gutter and Downspout Repairs or Replacements

Fully functional gutters and downspouts can direct water away from your home and prevent leaks. Even though the roofing contractor can repair or replace the roof, the professional also works on other parts of this home exterior protection system. The roofer can assess, repair, or replace gutters and downspouts.

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