2 Reasons Why Your Home's Shingled Roof Needs Proper Ventilation in the Summertime

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When you think about the effects of hot weather on your home's roof during the summer months, you may only consider the intense rays of the sun beating down on it. However, if your roof has no means of ventilation, there are a couple of other effects of summertime heat of which you should be aware.

1.  Keeps Hot Air from Becoming Trapped

If you have an attic or crawl space and have had to go into the area during the summer, you have probably noticed how suffocatingly hot the air is. Especially if you have dark shingles that absorb the rays of the sun, this heat will transfer into the space directly below the roof.

If there is no ventilation, this hot air has no place to go. This trapped hot air will then cause a couple of issues inside of your home. Since the hot air cannot escape to the outdoors, it will filter down into your home. Once it reaches your living areas, your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your house cool. Because your air conditioner is working extra hard, particularly on extremely hot days, you will most likely notice a significant increase in your cooling bill.

2.  Prevents Excessive Breakdown of the Roof's Shingles

Hot air that is constantly trapped in your attic or upper crawl space will not only affect the interior of your home. It can also adversely affect the roof itself. While roofing shingles are designed to withstand exposure to the sun, the heat and ultraviolet rays do eventually cause them to break down. However, this is usually factored into the estimation of the life of the roof.

However, if the shingles are also exposed to heat coming up from underneath them, the shingles' material may not last as long as they should since they are getting hit with the heat from both above and below. By having a roofer install a ventilation system for your roof, you may be able to prevent this excessive breakdown of the roof's shingles and help them to last longer.

After learning the importance of having proper ventilation for your roof, you may be ready to learn more about taking measures to ensure it. For more information, contact a residential roofing company to have them inspect the roofing system you currently have so that they can discuss with you any available ventilation options.

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