Winter Roofing Tips for Your Business

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As winter approaches, you should be thinking of your business's roof and making sure it is ready to take on all that winter brings which includes colder temperatures, more rain, and depending on where you live, ice and snow. Make sure you consider following any of the advice given here that may help you to prevent problems with your business's roof: 

1. Have the roof inspected

You should have a professional roofer come out to inspect the roof. They know just what to look for because they know the weaknesses different types of roofs tend to have, they know how to spot the first signs of a problem, and they know how the weather in the area affects the different types of roofs. 

They can repair what needs to be repaired, they can strengthen any weaknesses, and they can make adjustments to better prepare the roof for the weather issues they feel may come. For example, if they feel a portion of the roof is going to be prone to ice dams, they can add insulation and improve the ventilation to prevent those ice dams. Until the roofer can get to your business, you want to do what you can on your own. 

2. Check the rain gutters

Make sure you clean the rain gutters thoroughly and verify they are connected the way that they should be all the way around the roof. Verify they also connect properly to the downspouts. Check the bottom of the downspouts and make sure there is going to be good drainage for the water that will come out of the downspouts. When the roofer comes out, inquire as to whether they think you should have rain gutter screens installed that will prevent debris from clogging the gutters in the future. 

3. Cut back tree branches

Walk the perimeter and look for threatening branches hanging over the roof of your business. If you find any, then you also want to call out a tree trimmer to cut them back so you won't have to worry about them falling and damaging the roof in a storm. 

4. Knock all icicles down

If you see icicles hanging from the eaves of your business at any time, you are going to want to knock them down by hitting them with something, such as a shovel or anything else that can reach them. Not only can icicles become so large and heavy they can cause damage to the eaves, but they are also very dangerous because they have a sharp end that can stab someone if they fall while someone is under them. If you see they have caused roof damage, have the damage repaired right away by a roofer.

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