Options To Add Rooftop Space When Having New Commercial Roofing Installed

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If you have a commercial property with a flat roof, the rooftop space is often unused. The rooftop can be a great area to add valuable space to your business using modern commercial roofing systems when you have a new roof installed. The following commercial roofing solutions will give you more options to add useable space to your roof:

Installing Commercial Membranes with Outdoor Spaces—The modern roof membrane systems that are installed on flat roofs can be great for rooftop features. There are options for layering the membrane and adding a layer of lightweight aggregate materials to create a rooftop space that you can use. If the structure of the building can support the extra weight, lightweight porous pavement materials can also be used over membrane materials to create outdoor spaces on the roof of a building.

Green Roof Systems for Rooftop Landscaping—Today, green roofs are another popular solution for flat roofs and can give properties valuable green space and landscaping. If you are roofing a building that is in an urban area, the rooftop landscaping can provide green areas where there is not any available land. These systems consist of different layers of materials that include:

  • Sealed impermeable roofing layer
  • Special drainage systems for green roof systems
  • Lightweight aggregate to provide good drainage
  • Layers of lightweight soil materials to plant the green space

These different layers make up the design of a green roof system on contemporary buildings with flat roofs. There are other things to consider for the design of a green roof, such as the irrigation system and structural support for heavy loads like trees or outdoor structures.

Adding Deck Surfaces Over Asphalt and Other Materials—Another option to add space to your rooftop is simply building a deck. Conventional wood decks can be built over the roof areas where you need space. This can be an affordable option if you want to keep materials like asphalt roofing and do not want to pay for major renovations to the roof of your property. The weight of the deck will need to be supported by the existing structure and load-bearing points, where there are posts or columns. Supporting posts or columns can also be added to carry the load of a rooftop deck area that you are adding to your building.

These options for commercial roofing and rooftop space will add value to your property. If you are ready for a flat roof and rooftop space, contact a commercial roofing contractor and ask them about the right solutions for your property.  

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