Is Your Home's Roof Repairable?

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One of the most common questions roofing contractors hear is, "Is the roof repairable?" It's not always a simple question to answer, but there are some basic issues a contractor can check to see what the solution will be. Here are 5 ways to tell if your house's roof might be fixable.

Finding the Damage Early

Few factors are as important to the possibility of pulling off a roofing repair job as much as early intervention. If you noticed a hole in the roof the day after a windstorm, for example, there's a pretty good chance a fix is possible. Conversely, if a small leak has produced staining on the interior walls, the odds start to go down. By the time the damage reaches the foundation, you might be staring at bigger issues than just repairing a roof.

The Type of Damage

Not all forms of roofing damage are created equal. If a couple of shingles were torn off during a storm, that's probably a fairly easy fix. On the flip side, sustained damage that has caused the wood to rot to the point you can see it falling from the roof means there could be something uglier going on.

Also, some kinds of damage require other work first. If a roof is being destroyed by termites, installing new wood is probably going to present the bugs with a buffet. That type of damage has to be controlled first before roofing contractors can confidently address the situation.

How Old the Roof Is

There are scenarios where it might be simpler to strip the roof off and start fresh. If you have a shingle roof that has been in place for several decades, you might want to re-roof the house rather than getting into a roofing repair. Doing repair work on a structure that may need a new roof 5 years down the road probably isn't going to be cost-effective in the long run.

The Depth of the Damage

If a roof is repairable, the depth of the damage will dictate how involved the job is going to be. If the roof has suffered water damage that has compromised the decking, that's probably pretty reasonable to deal with. Once it gets into joists and beams, though, you have to start worrying about whether the whole house could collapse.

Time of Year

Even if a new roof is necessary, you may need to buy time. A temporary roofing repair may help you get through the winter or a rainy month so contractors can tackle bigger work in better conditions.

Reach out to a professional who provides roofing repair to learn more.

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