Important Factors to Discuss with a Commercial Roofer Before Choosing Your New Roof

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There are a few options for commercial roofing, even for buildings with flat roofs. Before you decide on the next roof for your building, talk to a commercial roofing company about the best type of roof to get. Here are some factors that could be important to you.

1. Your Roofing Budget Is Limited

If you have a large building, a new roof is a significant investment. However, you can't put off getting a new roof because you might end up paying even more in water damage restoration if you wait. Ask your contractor how to get a new roof that covers your budget.

For example, if your roof has a slope, they might suggest traditional asphalt shingles. These roofs don't last as long as some other options, but they are the most affordable to have installed. If you have a flat roof, then you have more options since flat roofing materials are less costly. Think about the cost of the materials, the price for labor, and the cost of anticipated ongoing repairs when comparing the different options in flat roofing, such as membranes, built-up systems, or spray foam so you get the best value for your money.

2. Your Roof Gets a Lot of Foot Traffic

Different roofing materials handle foot traffic in their own way. Some membrane materials are easy to puncture, and that can lead to roof leaks. PVC roofing stands up well to foot traffic, and spray foam can tolerate being walked on, but the top coating might be damaged. When the coating is worn down, then the foam under it can be damaged too.

If you store equipment on the roof and your maintenance crew goes on the roof routinely, talk to the roofing company about the most durable option that will handle the foot traffic. The roofer might even install walkways so your crew can walk on the roof without worrying about causing damage.

3. You Want Roofing That's Easy to Repair

While you'll probably have the commercial roofer inspect and maintain the roof on a set schedule, you may also want your crew to make spot repairs when needed. You'll want to discuss which material options mean less maintenance. Membrane roofing is easy to repair by patching it, which ensures repairs are done promptly. Other roofing materials, such as spray foam, may need to be repaired by the roofer, so keeping up with repairs might not be as easy or convenient.

If you have a sloped roof or a flat one, there's a perfect commercial roofing option for you. Some types of roofing can even be applied over an old roof, and that could save a lot of money. Some commercial roofs, such as membrane and spray foam, go on without much disruption, noise, or fumes—that might be an important consideration as well.

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