Understanding The Basics Of What Is Involved In Roof Replacements And Quotes

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If you are a homeowner who has discovered that you need a new roof, you likely cringed at the potential expenses. This is because a roof replacement is one of many home maintenance objectives that has to be completed to protect properties. Intact roofs are very important, and a lack of maintenance can cause significant property damage and can cause problems if an insurance claim needs to be filed. 

There are many homeowners who decide that the best approach is to get quotes from more than one roofing contractor. Sometimes they are shocked by significant differences. It may also come as a shock when they get their quotes and there are no major discrepancies in the quotes. Homeowners should view new roofing projects as investments, and this means that you need at least a basic understanding of what is involved with a roof replacement service. The following points can help you with that.

Top-Layer Materials

This type of material represents the roofing materials that most individuals will focus on. This is why you often hear people saying that they have asphalt, metal, tile, etc. roofs. The top layer is also the material that homeowners usually place their primary focus on when selecting a roof material type. However, it is important to remember that this is only one portion of a roofing system. Its durability relies heavily on the overall roofing installation. 

Starter Materials

These materials are needed for installation in the eaves or rakes area of rooftops. Their placement is important because they provide the waterproofing needed in these areas. You may want to inquire with contractors about whether they will install the same material type for both of these areas. The eaves area is the area around the perimeter of the roof. The rakes area represents the upper portion of the roofing system where the sides of the rooftop meet. 


This is a shielding material that offers protection to the roof. It is placed over the decking material and should not be confused by homeowners as their water shielding selection. New roofs need underlayment and a water shield material to effectively protect their roofs against moisture from precipitation. Homeowners in areas that experience heavy rain and snow seasons need to ensure that they understand their options for these protective materials. 

The type of roof replacement service you request will also impact the quotes you receive. Full roofing replacements are more complex and expectedly more than partial roof replacements, but some homeowners will not be able to get reroof services due to their jurisdiction and other factors such as the condition of the existing roof. It is also important to note that the materials chosen for the roofing project will impact your quotes as well as labor costs

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