3 Questions That Homeowners Have About Metal Roofing

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Are you on the fence about getting a metal roof for your upcoming roof replacement? If so, it helps to know the following things about this material that is going to be a long term and low maintenance option.

What is the True Cost of Metal Roofing?

The biggest barrier of entry for those looking to get a metal roof is the cost of the material. While metal roofing does cost more than cheaper materials like 3-tab asphalt shingles, you must look at the total cost of the materials over the years to really see the value. That is because metal roofing can last significantly longer than cheaper materials, making it a more cost effective solution for your home. If you plan on moving out of your home in the near future, then maybe metal roofing material isn't for you. However, those that are planning on being in their home for a very long time should consider the long term cost difference of using metal, since metal will likely be the last roof you ever buy for your home. 

Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing Worth It?

With metal roofing, you have the choice of using standard fasteners or standing seams. The difference with a standing seam system is that there are not going to be many exposed fasteners, if any. Meanwhile, a traditional metal roof is going to have exposed fasteners. Other that the look of the roof, a standing seam system is going to last longer than those with exposed fasteners, which will help improve the longevity of your roof even longer. For specific questions, talk to a certified roofer for more understanding.

Will Oil Canning Be a Concern With Metal Roofing?

You may have heard about oil canning with metal roofs, and not sure what it is and what can be done about it. The oil canning phenomenon is when metal roofing can have a wavy appearance on your home, which may be an undesired look for a homeowner. Oil canning is due to natural stress within the metal that can come out for a variety of reasons. However, a flat panel of roofing material that looks great before it is installed will typically look great after it is installed. Your installer can help minimize the oil canning effect by selecting nice looking pieces of metal roofing material and taking certain precautions during the installation process.

Still unsure if metal roofing material is right for you? Reach out to a roofing contractor in your area for a consultation. 

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