Preparing Your Home for a New Roof Installation and Design

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You have plenty of improvements and options when it's time to renovate the exterior of your home with a new roof. These investments can improve the appearance and durability of the roof. The following information will help prepare your home for this process.

Planning the Removal or Layover

The new roof installation project should start by deciding if you need to tear off the old shingles. There are some occasions when leaving the old roofing can be beneficial, such as when you are installing metal materials. If you install asphalt shingles, it is usually better to remove the old roofing. This is due to loads and the extra weight of two layers of shingles. If you do a layover, it has to be done over one layer of shingles. Installing three or more layers of shingles will be too much weight.

Addressing Existing Issues with Roofing

Before installing the new shingles, there may be issues with the existing roofing. These problems cause wear and damage when you have a new roof installed. Therefore, you want to find areas with excessive damage and address issues like water traps and wear. Minor changes to the roof structure can help solve these issues. This will help ensure the new roofing materials that are installed last for many years.

Renovating the Roof Design

The roof design is one of the areas where you may want to invest more time and money. There are various solutions to change the design and appearance of your home with a new roof design. Details like gable ends and doghouse dormers (windows on the roof) can also be added. There are also options for remodeling improvements when installing a new roof. You may want to invest in covered or enclosed porches when replacing the roof.

Installing Shingles for the New Roof

The shingles are the most important aspect of the installation process. Today, there are many options like premium 3D shingles, metal tiles, and other durable roofing products. When you are replacing single-tab shingles, upgrading the roofing with more durable materials will ensure it lasts. You also have options for higher wind ratings, which will make your roof more resistant to storm damage.

The right preparations will give you more from your investment in a new roof for your home. Contact a roofing service and talk to them about adding new features to your home when installing a new roof.  

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