A Few Not-So-Obvious Signs That Your Roof Might Need Repair

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It's important to know when your roof needs repair so that you can hire a professional and address the issue immediately. Obviously, if you see something wrong with your roof — such as if you see that there are shingles missing or if you see that a large tree limb has fallen on top of your home — then you might know that it's a good idea to hire a roof repair professional. However, there are other, not-so-obvious signs that you can watch out for, too.

There Are Issues With Your Gutters

Your gutters do an important job of helping water drain off of your roof during and after a rainstorm or snowstorm. If your gutters aren't functioning as they are supposed to — such as if your gutters are clogged, bent, or otherwise in less-than-ideal condition — then the water will not be able to drain off of your roof like it is supposed to. As soon as you notice that there are issues with your gutters, you should call a roof repair professional to inspect your roof for damage. After all, standing water on top of your roof can lead to leaks, excessive weight on your roof's structure, and more. A roof repair professional can help you determine if repairs might be needed, and they can assist with those repairs, if applicable. Additionally, they may be able to assist you with replacing or repairing your gutters, or they can let you know about a local professional who helps with gutter repairs and installations.

Signs of Moisture in the Attic

If you have recently spent time in your attic, then you might have been greeted by the unpleasant signs of moisture in your attic. You might have noticed that the walls or insulation in your attic were moist, for example, or you might have noticed a musty odor in the attic. You might have even found signs of mold growth on the walls or on your belongings. If this is the case, then there is a good chance that your roof is in need of repair. You may also need to use a mold remediation service to help with getting rid of any mold that might have started growing in your attic.

Peeling Exterior Paint Near the Roof

When you look at the exterior paint near your roofline and notice that the paint is fading or peeling, then you should take the situation seriously. After all, not only is this an eyesore and an issue that you will want to take care of so that you can preserve your home's curb appeal, but it's also a sign that there might be a roofing issue of some sort. A roof repair professional can take a look at your roof to help determine whether or not this is the case.

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