3 Things to Help You Decide If You Should Repair or Replace Your Roof

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If you have noticed that you're having problems with your roof, you need to decide what you will do about it. You have a few options, but the main two you are going to have to consider are whether to repair your roof or replace it. There are some criteria that you should consider when you are trying to make a decision.

The Age of the Roof

One thing that you are going to need to consider is how old your roof is. All roofs have a lifespan. The average lifespan for your roof depends on what the material is. For example, an asphalt roof can last for about 20 years, while a metal roof can last more than 50 years. If your roof is only a few years old, then you might lean toward getting it repaired, but if you have had an asphalt shingle roof installed 18 years ago and you were told that the life span is about 20 years, then you might want to consider getting it replaced instead. If you aren't sure how old the roof is, you might ask a roofer if they can check on it and see if they can give you an idea of its age. 

Your Budget

Replacing your roof can be expensive, depending on its size and what you want the material to be. It may be more expensive than you can afford yet. Even if your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, if you can't afford to replace it outright, you should still repair it. It will always be better to patch up your roof if you can't afford to replace it immediately than it will be to do nothing. If you do nothing, then you risk more expensive damage happening to your house. 

The Amount of Damage

The amount of damage to your roof is going to be another criterion that you should consider. It doesn't matter how old your roof is; if the damage is too extensive to repair, you may end up needing to replace the roof. If your roof isn't very old and you end up having to replace it, you should check to see if you have a warranty or guarantee for it from the roofers who did the job. The roof may still fit under that coverage. 

If you think that you have problems with your roof, you need to make sure that you are taking good care of it. That may mean that you need to decide as to whether to repair or replace it. Knowing a few criteria to consider can help you make the final decision. Talk to a roofer to learn more about residential roof replacement.

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