Points To Discuss Before A New Roof Installation

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Your roofer may have a lot to discuss with you when it's time to have a new roof put on. Even if you're getting a basic asphalt shingle roof, the contractor wants to ensure it's installed properly so the shingles have a long life. Here are some points to discuss with your roofer about your new roof installation.

Whether To Have Open Or Closed Valleys

The valleys of your roof get a lot of wear since rain rolls toward the valleys. This is also a common area for roof leaks, so roofers need to be careful about how roofing is applied over the valleys. There are two basic options for valleys: open and closed. Open valleys don't have any shingles. Instead, they are covered in metal flashing. Closed valleys have shingles. They have different appearances, so that might matter to you. Plus, open valleys might have a longer life and be recommended by your roofer.

If Your Roof Needs More Ventilation

Ventilation is important for a roof, so if your old roof had signs of poor ventilation and overheating, then your roofer may recommend adding more vents or putting a turbine vent on your roof. Your roof may have soffit and ridge vents already, as those are common in a ventilation system. They are often sufficient, but if you struggle with ice dams in the winter and your shingles show signs of heat damage, you might need more ventilation, and a good time to install it is when you get a new roof.

If You Want Skylights Or Solar Tubes Added

If you want changes to your roof, talk about your options with the contractor. The roofer may want to wait and install extras, such as solar tubes, once your new roof is on, or they may install them during the new roof installation. If your house doesn't have much natural lighting, installing a solar tube through your roof could make your home seem brighter and better illuminated.

Whether The Roofer Will Strip Off Old Roofing

While it's possible your roofer can install new shingles over the old ones, you'll want to talk about the pros and cons of doing that with your roofer. It may be best to strip everything off of the roof down to the deck so the deck can be checked carefully for water damage. Plus, when new shingles are applied to the deck rather than put over old shingles, the new shingles may last longer and stand up to high winds and other threats.

For more information on new roof installation, contact a professional near you.

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