Things To Know About Water Ponding On A Flat Roof

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If you're thinking of buying a home to renovate that has a flat roof, you may want to know some things about your options when you're ready to put on a new roof, such as how to take care of a flat roof. These things are important to know since a roof that's flat is much different from a roof that has a slope.

A sloped roof sheds water with the help of gravity, but water might puddle up on flat roofing and cause damage. Here are things you should know about water ponding on your flat roof.

Keep Debris Off Your Roof If Possible

One reason water puddles on the roof is because it gets blocked by leaf clumps or tree branches. Tree debris often stays on a flat roof for a long time since it can't slide off as easily as it does on a sloped roof. The debris creates a dam that won't let rain roll toward your gutters.

If water collects on your roof, it may eventually get in a hole or gap and get the insulation boards or decking wet and cause them to rot. You can avoid this problem by cleaning debris off of your roof regularly.

Be Careful About Storing Things On The Roof

Be aware of how rain drains off your roof so you don't place things like planters, benches, storage containers, or anything else on the roof that blocks the flow of rain. Even though your home may have a flat roof, it still has a tiny slope to it that allows rain to drain naturally rather than puddle up on the roof.

If you also use your deck as a patio sometimes, be sure to bring in your chairs and other items that could create blockages when it rains. You'll also want to make sure you don't scratch the membrane roofing or cause a wrinkle in it that could block water flow or let water get under the membrane.

Watch For Water Puddles

If you go on your roof occasionally to lounge, you'll have opportunities to look at the roofing membrane closely. Look for signs of water stains that indicate dried water puddles. Also, look for puddles occasionally right after it rains. By finding water puddles early, you can have roof repairs done so the puddles don't lead to water damage.

A drainage problem on your roof can be repaired in a few ways. If you have spray foam roofing, the roofer might apply more foam and make it thicker in places so the roof has a slope. A slope can be created in membrane roofing by making a slope with the insulation boards that go under the roofing.

For more information on flat roofs, contact a roofer near you.

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