The Best Ways to Protect Your Roof from the Harsh Summer

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The summer is one of the roughest seasons on residential roofs. What makes the damage worse is that it is cumulative and happens over time. If you are not keen on observing signs of damage, the repercussions could mean a complete roof replacement. Here are tips and tricks on the best way to protect your roof from the harsh summer. 

Ventilating the Attic

Few homeowners understand the connection between the attic's condition and the roof's lifespan. If you do not ventilate your attic, the heat transfer will interfere with the underlayment and roofing materials. You should have a professional roof repair expert assess the prevalent conditions inside your attic, and ensure that it can release the heat that comes into it through proper ventilation. If not, the professional will recommend the measures you can take to restore the ventilation and avoid roof damage. 

Reflecting the Heat from the Surface

The other way to shield the roof from heat and UV ray damage is by installing photovoltaic cells. They are also known as solar collectors and are an ideal way to absorb the heat that lands on your roof. An added advantage of choosing photovoltaic collectors is that they will help you generate another source of electricity, which will minimize your overreliance on electricity. Your roofing material will have long-term protection from the harsh summer heat. You can also choose to install solar shingles, which serve the function of the roof and a heat collection system. 

Installing a Fan in the Attic

Consider installing a fan in the attic to force the hot air from the roof out of the space. The retained heat and moisture can ruin the shingles by making them curl or warp. Your roof will remain in good condition if you have a system that pushes the air out of the space. 

Cleaning the Roof

The summer also comes with a lot of rainfall. The warmth and moisture are a conducive combination for mold and mildew growth. Speak to a roof inspector and have them check the state of the shingles. They will take immediate action if they see black stains forming on the surface because they signify mold presence.

These are simple and effective ways to handle the summer heat and ensure it does not damage your roof. Speak to a roofing contractor about the current state of your roof and get an inspection and tips on restoration.

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