Don't Make These Roof Leak Repair Mistakes

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One of the reasons people pay for roof repairs is to address water damage caused by severe roof leaks. If you notice any of these mistakes, hire a roofer to fix them.

Wrong Placement of Tiles

Sometimes homeowners avoid the cost of buying new tiles by making do with other tiles they have stored in the house. However, replacement tiles need to be the same type of color and material so they can fit and match correctly.

Nonmatching tiles don't click into place with surrounding tiles. This leaves your house exposed to leaks. A professional roofer will correctly match your roof tiles, preventing further damage.

Too Many Shingle Layers

When homeowners are faced with roof leaks, they are torn between replacing the entire roof or reroofing. For minor issues, placing new shingles over old ones is cheaper and more time efficient.

Using too many layers makes the roof too heavy and can lead to structural issues. The only time you should place new shingles over old ones is if you are dealing with one or several damaged roofing layers. However, if too many layers are damaged, it is better to replace the roof entirely as opposed to covering them up.

Using Wrong Materials

It is important to use the appropriate materials to fix a roof leak. If you invest in poor-quality materials, you will be dealing with leak repairs again after a short time. This is because these materials don't last.

Some of the long-lasting materials to consider include metal and asphalt. Ask your roofer to give you quotes for different durable roofing materials. This will help you choose a tile material based on your budget.

Using Old Flashing

When repairing a roof leak, many homeowners tend to recycle old flashings. This may save you some extra cash but eventually, you will have to call a roofer to apply new flashing. Old flashing wears out fast. This means it will be ineffective in preventing water intrusion. You will end up dealing with the avoidable cost of water damage and roof repairs.

Misdiagnosing a Roof Leak

Many people believe a leak in the ceiling originates from the roof. However, this leak may be because of joists or pipe flow. An experienced roofer will be able to determine the root of the leak. To narrow down the cause of the roof leak, the roofer will apply other solutions that don't involve replacing shingles or overlaying. For example, the roofer may weatherproof your roof. If the problem persists, then the cause of the leak may be the roof.

Contact a local roofer to learn more about residential roof leak repairs.

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