Signs You Need To Re-Roof Your Home

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Homeowners are often confused about whether to re-roof or install a new roof. If you want to save money on minor roof issues, re-roofing is more cost-effective than investing in a new roof. However, the best person to determine this should be your roofer.

Here are times when re-roofing is your best option.

Algae on the Shingles

Humid weather and rainy conditions promote algae on your roof. Algae appear as a light green or red growth across the shingles. When you spot one shingle with algae, it is a matter of time before it spreads to other shingles. Eventually, the algae will weaken your roof. If algae develop on your shingles, you should consider re-roofing.

Expired Warranty

Many homeowners seek mileage on their roof after the warranty has expired. The aim is to avoid the hefty price of roof repairs arising from structural damage. It is easier to re-roof and obtain a new warranty. This helps you extend the longevity of your roof.

Holes in the Roof

If you are looking at your roof from inside the house and notice sun rays penetrating through the ceiling, your roof has holes. These holes are caused by damaged roof flashing.

Therefore, if sunlight can penetrate the shingles, it means water can pass through. Overtime, water will damage the remaining roof structure. Re-roofing can prevent the problem from getting worse. Furthermore, the roofer will have an opportunity to identify any other underlying issues.

Curling Edges

Another roof problem that can be addressed by re-roofing is curling around your roof. When shingles get worn down and old, they either crack or curl up because of harsh elements. The curling exposes the underlayment of your roof. Overtime, this leads to structural damage.

Curling also results in leaks. When it rains, you will experience attic leakage and mold growth. It is easy to identify curling by looking up at your roof. The issue of a curling roof can be resolved by re-roofing.

Limited Budget

One of the reasons re-roofing is better than reinstalling a new roof is because it is cost friendly. A roof overlay cuts the replacement job in half. It also cuts down the amount of work and the resulting mess. There is no need to think about a dumpster or piles of old shingles. Therefore, the project will end in a short time. 

Sometimes it is difficult to determine the ideal time to re-roof. Remember, there are building codes that may apply to re-roofing. Make sure you schedule a roof inspection before rushing to re-roof.

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