Why Offer A Free Roofing Inspection To Your Customers?

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When you have a roofing company, one of the ways to keep and gain new customers is by giving them an incentive to choose your company over other roofers. This can be done by offering something simple and beneficial: a free roofing inspection.

Why offer a free roofing inspection to your customers? How does this approach make for better business for your roofing company? Learn how here, so you can benefit your customers and gain more profits at the same time.

You appeal to all potential customers

Customers who have an existing roof can benefit from a free roofing inspection. Customers who are building a home and having a roof put in will benefit from a free roofing inspection. A customer who is remodeling their roof will benefit from a free roofing inspection. The point is that any residential or commercial customer, either new or potential, can benefit from an offer like this, thus helping you gain their business.

Once you have completed a free home roofing examination, you can share your findings that concern you with your potential client. Your client can then be more inclined to hire you for the roofing needs you spot in the inspection because you did the inspection and are already present on their property. A free service can lead to more work when a customer didn't even realize their roof needed to be serviced in the first place.

You help seal a contract

If you have a potential customer who is not sure if they want your business or the business of another roofer, you can help seal a contract with the offer of a free roofing inspection as part of your build, remodel, or replacement. This allows your customer to feel like they are getting more out of your investment, and can help you keep a customer coming for all their roofing needs. If you offer free roofing inspections and other benefits to customers in exchange for referrals, you can help get more customers this way.

A free roofing inspection is a service that takes little time and no actual supplies. It's one of the most cost-effective free perks you can offer clients and you'll get the money back from this investment by being able to get more contracts and more roofs to look at. You can offer a free roofing inspection as a regular promotion or as a time-sensitive thing to encourage customer engagement and decision-making. You can also make a free roof inspection part of a selected roofing job to help get more paid work sent your way.

For more information on free roofing inspections, contact a professional near you.

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