4 Signs Your Residential Metal Roof Needs Repair Services

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Metal roofs are popular for their durability and endurance. But this doesn't make them fully resistant to damage. Over time, as the roof withstands storms, hail, winds, pests, and moisture, it might sustain damage and wear out. Thankfully, a competent roofing contractor can repair the damage to extend the life of your roof and keep it in good shape for as long as possible. How do you tell it is time to call a roofing contractor to fix your residential metal roofing? Below are some signs to help you make the right call. 

1. Loose Metal Sheets  

Metal sheets expand and contract due to fluctuating weather conditions. This process can create gaps between metal sheets as the nails become loose. The gaps created after the seams become loose allow water to leak into the inner layers of the roof and cause water damage. The issue is easy to fix, especially when you notice early warning signs. A competent contractor will inspect your roofing for loose screws and re-nail them to seal the gaps. 

2. Rust  

Modern metal roofs are quite resistant to corrosion. Manufacturers often apply a protective coating to the metal sheets to prevent rust. Unfortunately, the non-corrosive agent might wear out and slowly become unreliable. Therefore, some sections of your roofing might change color due to rust. If left unaddressed, rust erodes part of the metal, creating holes that could cause leaks. You might want to call your roofing contractor to replace the affected sheets and reapply the protective agent to prevent corrosion. 

3. Punctures 

Metal roofs are sturdy and can easily withstand storms and strong winds. However, if a tree or branch suddenly falls on the roof, it might cause extensive damage, such as huge holes and major leaks. Therefore, you should schedule an emergency repair service to save the rest of the roofing system. The roofer might patch the hole and replace the damaged metal sheets or tiles to restore the roof's appearance and prevent leaks. 

4. Discolored Paint 

Most people think that the paint on the roofing sheets is for aesthetic reasons. However, the paint also protects the roofing. Over time, the paint may chip, peel, or become dull due to exposure to the sun's scorching heat and rain. As a result, the metallic surface underneath may get corroded due to a lack of protection against moisture. Fortunately, a roofing contractor can give the panels a quick touch-up and restore their appearance. This will also help prevent rust.  

These are some common signs of metal roof damage. It is important to watch out for early warning signs and schedule an appointment with a competent contractor as soon as possible. Early intervention protects your roof from extensive damage and expensive repairs.

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