4 Elements Impacting the Cost of Replacing Your Business Property's Roof

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Replacing a commercial roof is an extensive undertaking for many commercial property owners. In many cases, the owner will have scheduled multiple repairs before determining that a change is best. Still, when it's time to replace your roof, it's crucial to be aware of what can impact the project's cost. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

The Choice Between an Overlay or Tear-Off

You need to understand that it's possible to apply a single-ply membrane commercial roof over an existing roof. This helps you avoid cases where you have to remove the old roof and then replace it with a new one. Nonetheless, if you have to tear off your roof before installing a new one, you must consider the labor involved, including the hauling and landfill costs. That said, overlaying the roofing material is a cost-effective option, and it can add insulation without having to replace your entire roof.

The Pitch of Your Roof

Many commercial properties prefer to install low-sloped roofs, which are quick to repair or replace in case they become damaged. However, the replacement cost may be higher if you have a high-pitched roof on your commercial property. Such roofs pose various safety risks during replacement, and your roofer may need to take several precautionary measures before the installation can start. The extra time required to complete the work is also included in the replacement cost.

Protrusions On the Commercial Roof

If your commercial roof has protrusions such as skylights, pipes, and vents, these can increase the work required to install a new roof. This is because the project is not as straightforward as it would otherwise be. Additionally, some protrusions are more costly than others, further impacting the cost. The roofer may also need to add waterproofing elements around the protrusion, increasing the time and cost.

The Decking on Your Roof

As part of the initial roof installation, the roofer will have installed a deck constructed from materials such as metal, wood, etc. So, during the replacement, your contractor checks the level of deterioration on the roof deck and whether it requires replacement. If they find that you have to change it, ask the professional about the cost implication of making such a replacement. Typically, this will depend on the material and labor required.

As a property owner, you need to recognize that replacing a commercial roof is capital-intensive and requires the services of a roofing professional. So, if your current roof has undergone extensive damage and needs to be changed, this guide should help you understand the costs involved in the replacement. 

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