Why Metal Roofs Perform Well During The Winter

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When winter is coming, it's a good idea to think about whether the type of roof you have is capable of faring well against winter. If it's about time to have your old roof replaced with a new one, you'll want to consider whether your home needs a different type of roof to protect your home. Metal roofs are one of the best options available.

More Durability

Metal roofs are more capable of protecting a home from the effects of winter because they are more durable. The metal material will be much less likely to be damaged as a result of rain and snow.

The Snow Slides Right Off

Snow can become very heavy when a large amount of snow has accumulated on your roof. This can place strain on the structure of your roof and this might lead to more extensive repairs being required in the future.

With metal roofs, the snow falls off much more easily and this leads to less snow accumulating on your roof. Shingle roofs, on the other hand, tend to accumulate snow, branches, and leaves.

Fewer Leaks

When snow does not accumulate as much on the roof, this will lead to your roof being less leaky. Your roof is effectively a slide for water and snow. If the rain and snow fall off the roof easily, it's less likely that the water will seep into your home.

Pest Infestations are Less Likely

Winter is also a time when animals will try to enter your home. For example, a family of raccoons might try to use an opening in your roof as a place to build a den. You'll need to have your roof repaired as soon as possible so you can protect your home from pests during the winter.

Lower Your Energy Bills Throughout the Year

A metal roof is able to cut your home energy expenditure both during the summer and the winter. Metal roofs are able to reflect the sun's rays and prevent your home from overheating. This reduces the amount of heat that is transferred to the attic.

Metal roofs also have great emissivity which means that the roof allows for heat to be transmitted. These types of roofs are also very energy-efficient during the winter.

The primary reason why metal roofs are energy-efficient during the winter comes down to the protective coating placed on metal roofs. Your roof will also need to be well-insulated and then your home will be ready for winter and will be able your family safe and warm. For more information, contact a roofer near you.

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