2 Signs Your Commercial Building's Flat Roof Needs To Be Replaced

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While looking around at the surface of your commercial building's flat roof, you may have noticed areas that seem worn down. You may have also found that water is starting to pool in some areas. Especially because the roof is older, you may be wondering whether it can be repaired or should be replaced.

Although some superficial damage to the roof can be fixed, there are situations that a total replacement may be necessary. Below are a couple of the signs indicating that you need to have a professional replace the roof instead of trying to patch up the damaged areas.

1. Roof Makes a Fluttering Noise on Windy Days

One sign that the flat roof on your business's building needs to be replaced rather than repaired is when you start hearing a fluttering noise on windy days. When this sound is present, this means that there are major rips and cracks in the surface membrane of the roof.

When the wind blows, the air is forced through these damaged areas, causing the membrane to lift up and away from the underlying material. While the membrane is fluttering, it opens up the damaged areas further, allowing water to run through and become trapped underneath.

The erosion the water causes will eventually lead to leaks. Since this is a widespread problem, you will need to have a roofer replace the entire structure.

2. Surface Has Multiple Areas with Cracking or Bubbling

Another sign that the roof will need to be replaced is when you find multiple areas of cracking or bubbling on the surface. While one or two areas with this type of damage can be fixed, several spots that have sustained this damage often have extensive unseen damage.

Even if you were to have the cracks filled and the bubbling fixed, there is more than likely damage to the roof under the membrane. This damage will then affect any patches that are done, making replacement a more viable option.

If a vast majority of the roof's top membrane is showing signs of severe damage and is compromised enough to flutter in the wind, there is most likely extensive damage to the roof itself. Simply repairing the roof will not be enough to ensure its integrity and keep it from leaking. Contact a company that offers commercial roof replacement services — such as KRG Roofing — to schedule a time for them to send out a roofer to fully inspect the building's flat roof and discuss any available options.

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