5 Common Areas To Check When Your Roof Is Leaking

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Leaking roofs are some of the common roof issues you can experience in your home. Not only will it affect the comfort of your home, but it will also destroy the quality of your ceiling. You will not often experience this problem if you have recently installed a new roof. However, if you have an old roof, you will likely experience leaks more frequently, especially during the rainy season.

Generally, it's easier to handle roof leaks if you first understand the source. Run through the piece below to understand some areas to check if you suspect a roof leak. 

Check Your Shingles

You need to check the shingles if you experience leaks with your old roof. They may be damaged or completely missing, allowing water to enter and causing leaks. Therefore, plan for immediate repairs.

Check Your Chimney

With aging roofs, your chimney could also be the source of leaks. Therefore, if you notice signs of roof leaks on your walls or ceilings, check the chimney. Worn-out or broken chimneys can easily cause leaks. This happens because water tends to pool around the chimney. Therefore, if the chimney is broken or damaged, it will encourage water leaks. 

Check Your Gutters

Gutters are vital in directing water from your roof to the downspouts. However, if they become clogged with dirt and debris from your roof, they can easily lead to leaks. That's because water that can't flow through the gutters will eventually pool on your roof and cause leaks. Therefore, check the gutters if you see signs of leaks in your house and clean them if necessary.

Check Your Roof Flashing 

The flashing comprises specially designed pieces of metal under the roof shingles and on the roof joints. They are designed to create a resistant layer that prevents water from penetrating the house in the event of heavy rainfall. If you notice leaks at certain points of the roof, the flashing could be broken and needs replacement. 

Check Your Skylights 

These are important pieces of roof installation that add detail to your roof. They function perfectly during sunny days by allowing natural light into your home. However, they can be a source of leaks when it snows or rains. Therefore, check to confirm if they are properly secured or broken and replace them.

These are the common areas to check when you notice roof leaks. Remember that you can always contact a residential roofing contractor to fix anything that needs repair. 

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