Roofing The Cape Cod Home: 3 Tips

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Cape Cod homes are pretty unique, structurally. The upper floor extends into what would be the attic space in the average home, which means the attic is more like a crawlspace. The home itself is typically shaped like a box, and the roof tends to be pretty simple, although it often has a couple of dormers. If you are thinking of re-roofing your Cape Cod home, there are a few tips and updates you should discuss with your roofer.

Tip #1: Add extra ventilation

Because the living space comes so close to the roof in a Cape Cod home, the attic and roof themselves tend to get warmer than average. Adding some extra vents to your new roof should help keep the attic space cooler. This will reduce wear and tear on the roof over time. It will also help keep your energy bills lower in the summer since less heat will be radiating down into your living space.

Tip #2: Put flashing around the dormers

If there is not yet flashing around your dormers, you should ask your roofer about adding it when they re-roof your home. Flashing is basically sheet metal. It adds a layer of protection around these areas, which are pretty vulnerable. Water can settle into the nooks and crannies around your dormers, which can cause damage to conventional roof materials like shingles. The metal is less vulnerable to water damage.

Tip #3: Opt for tile or metal roofing

Shingle roofs are pretty typical on Cape Cod homes, but you can absolutely go with another material, and there are definitely some benefits of doing so. Since the roofs on Cape Cod homes can get warm, they often form ice dams in the winter. Ice causes a lot less damage to tile or metal than it does to shingles. Of course, these materials also cost more than shingles. It's worth at least getting a quote or two. In the long term, a tile or metal roof will often save you money since it will last longer and require fewer repairs.

Cape Cod homes can be uniquely adorable, but you have to take their structure into account with any sort of renovation. If yours needs a new roof, it pays to consider adding more vents, having flashing put around the dormers, and opting for tile or metal. You'll have fewer roof problems in the long run with some of these upgrades.

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