Hail Storms And Roof Damage

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A hail storm can cause many types of damage that you will be left dealing with long after the storm has passed. From your cars to your home, there can be damages that end up causing you so many problems. This article will focus on hail storms and roof damage. This way, you know what to watch for and how you should go about dealing with things after such a storm has gone through your area. Here is some information on hail storms and roofs for you to go over:  

Hail storms can vary greatly in size and damage potential

You don't have to be concerned about there being a lot of damage for you to have taken care of every time there is a hail storm. This is due to the fact that many of them are minor storms that only produce very tiny pebble-sized pieces of light hail. If you were to stand outside in one of these storms, it may be irritating, but it wouldn't really hurt to be pelted by them. These small hail pieces don't usually cause any damage. 

Then, there are serious hail storms you want to stay out of and that can leave you with plenty to have repaired after the storm has passed. In some cases, hail can be the size of a softball. Medium to large hail can be dangerous and destructive, especially hail of this size. You want to make sure you get your family and pets inside the house when a hail storm of this magnitude hits and stay inside until you are sure it has passed. If you had a warning that a hail storm may be on its way, then you should try to protect as much as you can, by doing things like making sure the cars are parked in covered spots. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to protect your entire roof from hail damage. 

How to recognize hail damage to the roof

When you go outside after a hail storm to assess the damage, you want to pay attention to the roof. The hail damage can show itself in different ways, depending on the type of roof you have. If you have a tile roof, then you may notice there are a lot of broken pieces of tile. If you have a shake roof, then many of the pieces of wood can be cracked or split. Some pieces of shake may be completely missing because they broke off and then blew away. If you have a shingle roof, then you'll likely see a lot of spots on the roof. These spots will be divots and even holes the hail created. 

How to react after a damaging hail storm

As soon as you see any signs that any part of the roof has been damaged by hail, you want to call a roofer out. There will likely be much more damage than just what you are able to see from the roof, so seeing anything wrong means a call should be made. Hail damage can lead to very serious problems in your roof and home. The damage should be fixed right away to avoid things like water damage, mold growth, and more.

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