3 Warning Signs That Show You Need A Professional Roof Inspection

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One of the more important services a residential roofing company can provide to clients today is an inspection. If these signs are present around your roof, then you'll want to schedule this assessment as soon as possible.

Have an Attic With Water Stains

If your home has an attic and this area develops water stains, then this is a sign that water is leaking through the roof somewhere. You need to find the leak and fix it quickly before you have to repair severe water damage. 

In this case, be sure to hire a roofing contractor to perform a thorough inspection. They'll look at all areas of your attic, making a note of watermarks and other leak-related signs that are present. This assessment makes it possible to identify the leak's source and fix it for good before you have a costly repair bill to take care of. 

See Multiple Shingles That Aren't Whole

If you have shingles on your roof, then it's important that they remain in good condition to keep water from affecting internal structures. If there's ever a point when you see multiple shingles that are no longer whole anymore, you need to schedule a professional roof inspection with a company.

The inspection will help you assess the damage in an objective manner. Then if the shingles with missing parts need to be replaced, you can carry out this replacement before major water damage happens. Whereas if the inspection reveals the shingles can be restored with a repair, you can have a roofer respond accordingly.

Notice Rust on Flashing

Flashing is an important material on your roof that's used to seal gaps, keeping water from getting underneath any part of your roof. If you see that flashing has started to rust around any area, you need to look at this problem closer.

In that case, be sure to schedule an inspection with a roofing company in your area. A licensed roofer can examine the rust up close, seeing how severe it is and what treatments can alleviate it. If the rust has spread too much, the roofer can replace these sections.

You can expect to hire a roofing company at some point as a homeowner. Roof inspections are some of the most important services they offer today. As long as you know what to monitor around your property, you can schedule these services at the right time and then take action with repairs/replacements if they're warranted.  

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