Roof Replacement To Keep A Business Establishment Safe

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Along with running a business in a manner that leads to satisfactory profits, it should also be run with the safety of employees and customers in mind. Keeping the floor safe is one of the common things that is done to prevent slip and fall accidents, but many business owners do not consider the condition of the roof. A damaged roof can pose a safety hazard because it can cause the ceiling to deteriorate, which could lead to materials falling down and injuring someone. When was the last time that you had your roof inspected to make sure it is in good shape? If your roof has not received any attention in years, it might not only need repairs but need to be completely replaced as well.

Are the Ceiling Tiles Discolored?

If you have noticed that the ceiling tiles in your business establishment are discolored but assumed they are just old, you might be wrong. The reason is because discolored ceiling tiles could be a sign that your roof has severe damage that should not be ignored. Discoloration can happen when the roof has been leaking, which also means that the roof deck is damaged. The deck is the most important part of the roof, and severe damage to the wood requires new roof construction. If you do not get a new roof constructed soon enough, there is the risk of someone getting injured as the condition of the ceiling gets worse and leads to tiles falling down.

Is the Air More Humid Than Usual?

The air in a business establishment can become more humid when there is severe roof damage. High humidity does not only make the environment moister, but it can affect the comfort level of your employees. Moist air is also a safety hazard because it could promote mold growth, which can be toxic or cause allergy attacks. The rise in humidity levels can be due to rainwater coming through the deteriorated roof deck. The deck might be soggy, have holes, and have an array of other problems that you do not know about.

Is Your HVAC System Energy Efficient?

A roof that needs to be replaced can have a negative effect on an HVAC system by making it less energy efficient. For example, even if the system is new, it will be less energy efficient if the air is seeping out through holes in the roof. The system can also become less energy efficient if air is coming into your business establishment from outside. A damaged roof should be replaced in a timely manner for safety reasons, as well as to prevent higher energy costs due to air seeping in and out of the building.

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