What To Expect When Installing A Stone-Coated Steel Roof

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It's possible to have the beauty of stone on your existing home with stone-coated roofs. They are a durable, energy-efficient, stylish roofing option for your home or building. However, knowing what to expect when you have a stone-coated steel roof installed on your home is important. 

What are Stone-Coated Steel Roofs?

Stone-coated steel roofs are metal roofs with a layer of stone chips bonded to the surface. The stone chips provide a natural look and texture that mimics traditional roofing materials like clay, slate, or wood. The metal underneath is galvanized steel resistant to corrosion, fire, and impact. They are diverse enough to suit different preferences.

Why Choose Stone-Coated Steel Roofs?

There are many benefits to choosing stone-coated steel roofs for your home or building. They are also less prone to cracking, fading, or curling than other roofing materials and last a long time if well-maintained.

How do Stone-Coated Steel Roofs Affect the Environment?

Stone-coated steel roofs reflect solar heat and reduce cooling costs in the summer. They also have an air gap between the metal and the roof deck that provides insulation and reduces heat loss in the winter.

Stone-coated steel roofs consist of recycled materials. They also reduce the need for re-roofing and landfill waste.

How Does a Stone-Coated Roof Affect My Curb Appeal?

Stone-coated steel roofs enhance your property's curb appeal and value. They can match any style or design. They also create a distinctive sound when it rains that some people find soothing and relaxing.

What to Expect When Installing Stone-Coated Steel Roofs?

The roof deck must be clean, dry, and level before installing the metal panels. Remove existing roofing materials. The roof deck may also need reinforcement or repair if damaged or weak.

A layer of synthetic or felt underlayment is applied over the roof deck to provide a moisture barrier and a smooth surface for the metal panels. Metal flashing is installed around the edges, corners, valleys, and roof penetrations to prevent water leakage and damage.

How Does a Roofer Install a Stone-Coated Roof?

According to the roof layout, the contractor cuts metal panels to sizes and shapes. They attach with nails or screws covered by stone chips. The panels overlap by a few inches to create a watertight seal.

Installing stone-coated steel roofs may take a few days. Hiring a licensed and experienced contractor who can ensure quality workmanship and safety is essential. You will then have an attractive, durable roof that will save you money.

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