2 Reasons To Have Your Roof's Damaged Flashing Repaired As Soon As Possible

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While looking at your home's roof, you may have noticed that the flashing around the chimney or vent pipe does not look right. It may have changed color because of corrosion, or you may have noticed gaps between it and the surface.

If you do see any problems with the flashing, you should not delay in having it fixed because of the issues that it can cause. Below are a couple of reasons why you should have your roof's damaged flashing repaired by a roofing professional as soon as possible.

1. Prevent Water from Leaking under the Flashing, Which Can Cause It to Run down and Inside the Walls

One reason why you should have the flashing on your home's roof repaired as soon as possible is that it can help prevent serious water leaks. Especially when the flashing is starting to pull away from the surface, water will be able to flow freely into the gap.

Because of the free flow of water, it will eventually start to run down the surfaces of the walls in your house. Since the water coming in under the flashing may also cause unseen leaks inside the walls, you need to have the damaged flashing repaired immediately to prevent structural damage to your home.

2. Keep the Decking from Becoming Saturated, Which Would Cause Deterioration of the Wood

Another reason to have the damaged flashing on your home's roof fixed as soon as you notice a problem with it is that the water leaking underneath it can cause saturation of the roof's decking. Because the decking is covered by the shingles, it will not readily dry out and will stay wet for days or even weeks.

Because of the trapped moisture, the decking's wood will start to deteriorate rapidly, especially along its vulnerable edges. This deterioration can cause bowing and buckling of the roof as well as lead to further water leaks inside your home if the flashing is not fixed.

As soon as you notice that the flashing on your roof is rusting, pulling away from the surface, or otherwise damaged, you need to have it professionally repaired as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more likely there will be water leaks on and inside your home's walls, and the roof's decking will deteriorate rapidly because of saturation. Contact a local business that offers roofing repair services for more information.

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