Why Do Some People Still Choose Wood Shake Roofing?

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Over the years, the trend has been towards using less wood in homes. People have steered away from wood windows, choosing vinyl and aluminum ones instead. Wood doors and fences have largely been replaced by vinyl versions, too. But if you drive through some neighborhoods, you will still see wood shake roofing on some houses. Why do these homeowners choose wooden roofing even though there are now other options, like shingles and metal sheets? As it turns out, wood shake roofing does have some advantages, like the following.

Wood shakes are wind resistant.

Are wood shakes as wind resistant as tile roofing? Probably not – but they are one of the more wind-resistant materials, and they come with a much smaller price tag than roof tile. Since the shakes are small, the wind has a harder time catching under them than it does a big sheet of shingles. Wood shakes are also a little flexible, so they tend to bend instead of snap when the wind blows in.

Wood shakes are natural and sustainable.

There has been a big push towards using more eco-friendly, sustainable materials to build homes. Wood shakes definitely fit the bill. They are made from natural wood with no fillers or additives. They will therefore break down cleanly when you eventually remove them from the roof. Most wood shakes are made from cedar, which is a wood that's abundant in the U.S. and one that grows without a lot of excess fertilization and irrigation. Cedar does not require treatment with insecticides, either, as it naturally repels insects. These qualities also make cedar shakes a green choice.

Wood shakes have a rustic look.

There is such a trend toward more modern-looking roof materials, such as metal and tile. The sleek look of these materials just is not compatible with more rustic, country homes. Wood shakes, on the other hand, have a rather rustic appeal that looks good on homes with a similar aesthetic. If you have a cottage, a Craftsman bungalow, or a farmhouse, then wood shakes may be the only roof material that has the appearance you desire. 

Modern roof materials, like solar shingles and metal sheets, have become more common in recent years. However, there is still a distinct place in the world for wood shake roofing. If you think wood shakes may be right for your home, get a quote from a roofing company soon.

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