How Hail Can Damage Asphalt Shingles and How to Address Repairs

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The amount of hail damage your roof sustains depends on several things. The size of the hail, the condition of your roof, and the grade of asphalt shingles you have all play a role in whether your roof has minor or major damage from hail impacts. Here are types of damage an asphalt shingle roof might have after a hailstorm and the repairs that could be needed.

Ways Hail Damages Asphalt Shingles

Small hail may not cause any damage at all. Look around your property after a hailstorm to assess the damage to your siding, gutters, and other things in your yard. If they show dents and damage, then the hail was probably large enough to damage your shingles too.

Hail can pierce holes in shingles, cause cracks, knock off granules, and leave behind blisters and bruises. Hail damage might cause an immediate roof leak, but it might take weeks for the damage to lead to a leaky roof.

Sometimes hail damage may not even be noticeable unless you know what to look and feel for. That's why it's a good idea to have your roof checked by a roofing contractor after a hailstorm that's caused dents on other parts of your house.

The Types Of Roof Repairs Your Home May Need

A roofer might be able to repair roof hail damage, but if the damage is widespread, a roof replacement might be needed instead. Depending on the shape of your roof, the damage may only be on the side facing the wind. In that case, the roofer might only need to replace a few damaged shingles if the damage is minor.

If a lot of shingles are damaged on one side of the roof, the roofer may discuss doing a partial roof replacement that puts new shingles on one side of the roof or having a new roof put on. If your insurance company will pay for a new roof, then that might be the best choice so the shingles on your roof age at the same pace. If your entire roof has scattered damage from hail, then a new roof is probably the best choice.

When making repairs, the roofer will replace shingles that are damaged and check for damage to the deck underneath the bad shingles too. Damaged deck areas can be replaced by cutting out the damaged area and patching in new plywood. The roofer may also check flashing and rubber boots on the roof to make sure all damage is caught and repaired so your roof isn't in any danger of developing a leak. Learn more by contacting local roof hail damage services. 

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