The Contemporary Guide To Give Your Home A Modern Finish With New Siding

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If you want to give your home a contemporary look, there are many new siding choices that you have installed. Rather than the traditional lap-siding look, you may want to consider more trendy solutions like composites, veneers, and tropical hardwood siding materials. The following guide will give your home a modern finish with new contemporary siding designs:

Options for Composite Lumber Siding Finishes

There are a lot of options for composite materials that can be installed for the siding on your home. Some of these materials can have a traditional look, and others can have a more contemporary design. Some of the options for contemporary designs with composite lumber include:

  • Composite wood panels
  • Tongue-and-groove composite wood siding
  • Composite lumber materials with butted joints

They also have the advantage of being more resistant to wear and weathering, which will ensure they last. Sometimes, materials like decking can be used for these features, but they will need a backing and moisture barrier.

Fiber Cement Siding Products for Contemporary Designs

Another type of modern siding material that you may want to consider for a durable finish is fiber cement. These materials have the advantage of giving you the options for different styles of finishes for the exterior of your home. Some of the different options for contemporary composite siding finishes include:

  • Fiber cement siding panels
  • Vertical fiber cement siding finishes
  • Conventional fiber cement siding with modern style

Modern fiber cement panels are a great way to give your siding a more modern design. They can also be used with a combination of other finishes, such as composite lumber or tropical hardwood.

Modern Siding Veneers to Create Contemporary Finishes

The modern siding veneers can also be a great way to give your home a more contemporary design. These finishes are different than traditional siding. Sometimes, they can be panels and look like masonry or more contemporary finishes. You will want to talk to your siding service about options for modern veneers that can be installed.

Tropical Hardwood Siding Materials for Contemporary Designs

There are also options to use hardwood materials for the modern siding finish for your home. These materials can be exotic or domestic lumber. Some of the different types of hardwood that can be used to give your home a contemporary design include:

  • White oak materials for an affordable hardwood finish
  • Tropical hardwoods for an attractive and durable finish
  • Composites that give your siding the look of exotic hardwoods

Hardwood is a great material to add natural tones and textures to your contemporary design. Installing the hardwood with butted joints will give the siding a cleaner look for contemporary designs.

The right siding materials can be used to give your home a more contemporary look. Contact a siding service like Select Exteriors and talk to them about these designs.

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